Korona Önlem (Ministry of Health Corona App)

For Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey

To fight with COVID-19 outbreak, we have developed an online Coronavirus test application for Turkish Ministry of Health through which citizens can take an online quiz to check if they might have the disease. The application is available on koronaonlem.saglik.gov.tr. and in Android and IOS application stores under the name “Korona Önlem”.


Easy Online Covid-19 Test for Citizens

Users answer questions such as “cornic disease”, “symptoms of coronavirus” and “last visited city” after entering their personal information. Our system does analysis when the user fill the test. At the end system shares person's risk of carrying COVID-19. If there is a risk user is directed to healthcare centers or given instructions when lower risk is calculated. System is currently used by almost 10 million Turkish citizens.


Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey


March 2020


Published on AppStore and Google Play