Our blend of expertise

What we do

Kodfu solves the toughest problems of our clients, using the power of creative problem solving and bespoke engineering. We believe in the power of digital solutions to change the way we live and hence the world.

Software Development

With years of experience, we have worked with almost every technology imaginable and are comfortable deploying solutions in almost every major stack and technical area, from complex visualizations to machine learning/AI.


Sometimes innovators just need a partner to sit at the table and lay out a strategy. We sit at the table and discuss challenges, business models, goals, product development, technical problem solving, business management or digital transformation projects.

Big Data

Our experience in big data systems allows organizations to strategize and execute big data programs across multiple domains and many focus areas to ensure that they are getting the most out of their available data. 

Product Development

We love to build digital products and we know what is it like to build a product from scratch. From idea generation to customer validation, scaling to giving 7/24 support we can help you to build your dream product. 

Healthcare IT

We excel at delivering IT solutions in the healthcare domain. Our focus is to help you deliver responsive, user-friendly systems to enhance healthcare service. We understand the details of EHRs, healthcare standards and have experience in big data processing. 

Business Automation

We create Business Process Automation Software to streamline business applications by integrating loosely coupled, long-running, heterogeneous business processes and systems into a seamless and largely automated transaction. 

About Us

Black Belt in Technology!

We are specialized in the design and development of digital systems. Our business focused global products improve efficiency of users. We develop cutting-edge solutions to complex problems for commercial, academic, and government organizations. Our Agile software engineering methodology enables development of commercial-quality products at an affordable price.


Let’s work together

We match your unique business needs with our deep understanding of software development


Agile Product Engineering

By embracing an Agile approach to architectural design, we are able to avoid large up-front design work with the understanding that the design emerges by itself as the project progresses. Specially, we take a Lean approach to architectural design in which we perform the design work after it is understood and decided that how the system should be implemented.


Modern Technology Stack

Throughout our work with various clients, our team makes use of a wide range of these technologies, such as .net Core, React.js, ElasticStack, among others. We have the capability to select the right technology stack that facilitates fast development and is maintainable for any project. Our experience of building web and mobile applications has resulted in a  fine-tuned process that ensures an end result that meets client expectations.


Open Source

Our team has fully embraced and invested in the open source which is the industry standard. We have become intimately familiar with open source software development and utilizing open source technology and tools. Most of our products are platform-independent, varying from Windows, Linux, MacOs to iOs and Android.